Friday 18 September 2015

Sculpture Melbourne — A World Come To Life

Sculpture is art that invites us into its world. When you view a sculpture you interact with it in a way that is unique to other forms of art. On a trip to Melbourne you will experience many imaginative and powerful sculptures that invite you to step into their world and dream of new possibilities. Sculpture Melbourne artists begin with stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, or corten steel and transform that metal into art with a life of its own. Sculptura® is well known across Melbourne and Australia for supplying the very best sculptures. Sculptura® sculptures in Melbourne can be seen at many homes, hotels and large company foyers.

Sculpture Melbourne celebrates the world of wildlife. The many sculptures of Melbourne bring to life the vibrant world of animals through strong lines, gentle curves, and dynamic colors. “Aluminum Rhinoceros” is a beautiful example of finely crafted art that brilliantly evokes the power and magnitude of the rhinoceros. As you travel through the city you will find powerful depictions of animals. Whether celebrating the companionship of domesticated animals or reimagining the magnificence of thoroughbred horses and majestic sea creatures, sculpture Melbourne praises the natural world.

Connecting with art feeds the soul. Gardens have long been celebrated as place to relax and reconnect with nature. Incorporating sculpture into a garden is an age-old practice that elevates the beauty and life of the garden. The Heide Museum of Modern Art is home to a beautiful sculpture Melbourne park and garden. A leisurely stroll through the sculpture trail will provide a view of over 30 imaginative and inspirational sculptures Melbourne is home to. You will also find sculptures to feed your soul in personal gardens, walkways, and parks.

Sculpture Melbourne doesn’t just come alive in the outdoors. You might wander indoors and discover sculpture Melbourne evoking luxury as at The Langham Hotel, where art is woven into daily life with breathtaking sculptures from Sculptura®. Local businesses invite you to experience the values of their company through beautiful sculpture investments and rentals, such as this stunning office. Sculpture Melbourne communicate class and professionalism in business environments.
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Sculptura ® has several lovely sculptures for sale and rental, with a focus on metal and stainless steel sculpture art, we provide sculptures of exceptional quality that are both a visual and financial asset. Our extensive range  includes sculpture by world renowned artists and pieces that vary in size, style and investment value. Sculptura® has sells sculptures  in various materials including:
Sculptures are available Australia wide including sculpture Sydney and sculpture Melbourne. View our blog post here on sculpture Sydney and sculpture Melbourne.